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Project Fourteen is a nonprofit organization that embodies four core values: excellence, empowerment, inclusivity, and integrity.


Celebrating Diversity Through Accessible Initiatives


Guiding Transparent and Ethical Operations

Letter From Our Founder

Dear friends,

The number 14 has always held a special place in my life. It’s a bittersweet reminder of my childhood best friend, a beacon of laughter and light who tragically passed away when we were young. His love for the number 14 became a constant thread woven into the fabric of my life, a spark that ignited my passion for sports.

Tennis became my first love, then basketball, soccer, pool, bowling – anything with a ball! In school, I proudly wore the #14 jersey, representing both my friend and my growing skill on the soccer field. I even achieved national ranking in tennis, fueled by a burning desire to excel.

But life isn’t a straight line. College brought new challenges, and the demands of being an athlete became overwhelming. I chose a different path, stepping away from soccer and focusing on academics. However, a yearning for my athletic calling persisted.

Fueled by intense training and unwavering dedication, I made the team at Atlanta Silverbacks. Playing professionally for two and a half seasons was a dream come true, but ultimately, injuries and unforeseen circumstances cut my journey short. This setback, though painful, taught me valuable lessons about resilience and the fickle nature of dreams.

Looking back, a tinge of regret mingled with pride. If I had poured just half the effort I later invested in professional soccer into my academics, what heights could I have reached? This realization became a turning point.

I returned to college, earned a degree in Psychology, but even then, darkness crept in. The pressures of life and unfulfilled desires led me down a path of self-destruction. I found myself struggling with depression and resorted to partying and excessive drinking. Time seemed to slip away, and I began to question my happiness and lack of success.

One pivotal day, while socializing and watching the NCAA basketball tournament, I woke up in the UAB hospital. I was informed that I needed a liver transplant and that traces of rubbing alcohol were found in my system. This brush with mortality was a wake-up call, a stark reminder of how close I was to losing everything.

This second chance at life was a profound gift. Slowly, I regained my strength, determined to live with purpose. During countless doctor appointments, a story resonated deeply: a brother on the autism spectrum seeking a space to thrive through sports and community. It sparked a fire within me.

This non-profit is my response to that calling. It’s my way of giving back, of empowering others to reach their full potential. Just like the number 14, it represents a second chance – for me and for countless individuals yearning for inclusion and opportunity.

Our core values guide us:

  • Excellence: We strive for the highest standards in everything we do, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our beneficiaries.
  • Empowerment: We believe in unlocking the full potential within each individual, providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed.
  • Inclusivity: We celebrate diversity and create a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and has the opportunity to participate.
  • Integrity: We operate with transparency and ethical principles, building trust and ensuring the responsible use of resources.

Join us on this journey. Become part of a community where second chances blossom, and potential unfolds. Together, let’s create a brighter future, one life at a time.

With warm regards,

Trey Fancher

Founder, Project 14

Our Mission

In our mission, we prioritize four core values. First and foremost, we’re dedicated to excellence, always aiming to achieve the highest standards in everything we do. Second, we are deeply committed to empowerment, particularly in the context of our students. We believe in nurturing and guiding them to unlock their full potential. Inclusivity is another fundamental principle we hold dear. We actively welcome and celebrate diversity, ensuring that all aspects of our work are inclusive and accessible to everyone. Lastly, integrity is non-negotiable. We maintain the highest ethical standards and integrity in every facet of our operations, setting a benchmark for our actions and decisions. These values serve as the foundation of our organization’s ethos and guide us in our pursuit of a brighter future. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where every exceptionally talented student can overcome barriers and achieve professional excellence. 

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